Clinical Overview

Liquid Biotech’s technology is under development as a tool for physicians to employ during treatment of cancer patients to support decision-making. We employ a minimally invasive approach that entails directly detecting live, circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in peripheral patient blood samples, a so-called “liquid biopsy.” CTCs are continuously shed from the primary tumor; although the vast majority do not successfully seed a secondary site, analysis and enumeration of CTCs may reflect a patients’ tumor status.

The test Liquid Biotech has developed is rapid, non-invasive and designed to detect the presence of CTCs in the blood when they are present at very low levels; this offers the potential to manage the disease early in development, including before the tumors have seeded distant organs due to shedding from the primary tumor. This novel approach will guide physicians both during treatment, allowing the oncologist to monitor a treatment in real time during chemotherapy, as well as post-treatment, when a patient is in remission but there is the likelihood of recurrence.

The technology has been employed in several pilot studies including non-small cell lung carcinoma, glioma and bladder cancer. Currently we are expanding these studies with the goal to develop a robust assay to support clinical real time decision making for oncologists.

Please see the following pages to the left for a description our technology as well as the application of our technology to cancer diagnosis and the potential to develop personalized medicine for cancer patients.